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About Trium

Many years of experience in modern pump solutions
B. Christensen Maskinfabrik is a modern company specializing in the manufacture and repair of multi-purpose pump solutions. In addition, we have a maritime services department offering consultancy services to the ship-building industry. Read more about our marine services here.

With more than 75 years of experience in the pump industry, we are a competent and reliable partner for your pump project, whether you need new pumps or repair work/service on your current ones. We make specialty pumps and spares to match your needs and wishes.

We are also the ones who manufacture and provide service for the well-known TRIUM pumps, made by the Ingeniørforretningen Trium anno 1927 until 1996. With the acquisition of TRIUM we offer a complete range of centrifugal pumps - especially medium- and high-pressure pumps. Due to its ingenious basic design the TRIUM pump is a force to be reckoned with.

With Thomas Mørch assuming control of TRIUM/BC Maskinfabrik in 2006, the company has seen a new generation taking over and has takena lift into the new millennium. Today, we combine good old quality craftsmanship with modern production techniques, and nothing is left to chance. Our customers' satisfaction with our old basic designs will not make us rest on our laurels, though. We are constantly making efforts to develop and improve our pump solutions. Apart from producing and installing pumps, we offer alignment, check measuring and various service, maintenance, reconstruction and repair work. Read more about service and spare parts for pumps.

At TRIUM we have solved both minor and major tasks for the Tuborg and Carlsberg breweries, Copenhagen Municipality and Svendborg Municipality, among others. Our pump solutions are in service at numerous water companies and heat stations all over the country. Considering the current climate challenges, we are particularly proud of the TRIUM pump, which combines low energy consumption with high efficiency.



TRIUM / B. Christensen Maskinfabrik

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Linåvej 9F, Hårup

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