Trium DPNT Centrifugalpumpe

DPNT is standard pumps with high efficiency and very wide range of applications. Pump and motor on a joint foundation. The robust pumps are available with high capacity and can be used for e.g. district heating, air conditioning, water supply, industry and marine

The pumps are available in different material types (cast iron, bronze and stainless steel) and with different types of mechanical shaft seals, depending on the application of the pump.

The pumps are delivered as standard with IE3 motors that are prepared for frequency converter operation.

The Trium HVAC pumps are also available with ATEX-motors


max 2900 m3/h


max 160 mWc


-20 - 120°C

Max driftstryk:

10 - 16 bar


​DN 32 – DN 350

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