Marine services

We offer maritime consultancy services aimed specifically at the building of new vessels, but also in relation to breakdown and reconstruction. Our key competencies are alignment of propulsion systems and inspection/monitoring of the manufacturing of machine parts.

With several years of experience in the maritime world, our consultants have been employed by Semco Marine, Odense Steel Shipyard (Lindø), and JMC Marine/Ciserv Denmark, among others. For instance, this is our consultant Thomas Mørch's CV:

16 years of experience in the maritime world

10-year employment with Odense Steel Shipyard (Lindø) (five of these years as leader of the machinery department); responsible for the installation and alignment of main- and aux.- engines and axle systems as well as preparations for engine foundations.

Concurrent inspection work relating to the production of machinery parts, axles, propellers, stern tubes, rudders and rudder stocks, often on suppliers' premises in the Far East.

At Ciserv Denmark, Thomas gained several years of experience in laser measuring and alignment as well as in preparing alignment procedures for new vessels, dockings, etc.

We solve all these tasks and many others in the maritime world with competence and on time.

Who are we?

With more than 75 years of experience in the pump industry, we are a competent and reliable partner for your pump project, whether you need new pumps or repair work/service on your current ones. We make specialty pumps and spares to match your needs and wishes.


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