Horizontal and vertical end suction and in-line pumps in accordance with DIN 24255 and ISO 2858. VLMT pumps come with different shaft seals, bearings and materials, and we design them to fulfil specific tasks. Areas of application include fresh and salt water supply, district heating, fire fighting, and industrial plants.

The pump can be fitted with eight different impellers.


max. 900 m3/h


max. 400 mWc


max 120OC


Tn 10 Tn 25



Product sheet on VLMT pumps (printer-friendly)

Upon requestTo allow us to offer the optimum pump solution, please list the following in your request:

  1. Pump capacity
  2. Manometric head
  3. Static pressure at the pump
  4. Liquid specification, including: temperature, density, viscosity, steam pressure, corrosion properties, and solid particle content.
  5. Special materials required.
  6. Power supply voltage and frequency.
  7. Special requests in terms of drive device.

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