Service Contract

Service contract including motor/pump alignment and vibration level checks

TRIUM / B. Christensen Maskinfabrik offers you a service contract including annual or biannual checks on pump set alignment and vibration levels. Having a service contract will ensure inspection of motor and pump condition at given intervals and may prevent any breakdown or shutdown. If a pump set requires alignment or other repair work, maintenance can be planned and performed when most convenient.

Why check alignment and vibrations?

Poor alignment causes damage to both coupling and bearings as well as vibrations that may also damage bearings, rotors and running wheels. Furthermore, up to 3% of motor output will be absorbed in the coupling in case of poor alignment. Correct motor and pump alignment prolongs motor and pump service life, reduces power consumption and minimizes the risk of breakdown caused by wear.

Alignment checks:

These checks are made using a laser ensuring high accuracy. They can be performed on both horizontally and vertically positioned pump sets and with the motor and pump connected by a coupling.

Vibration level checks:

The vibration level reflects the current condition of the motor, pump and bearings. It is checked in three directions at each bearing. In addition, a special bearing condition check is carried out.


We prepare a report containing information about the current alignment and vibration levels as well as an assessment of these elements in relation to each other. Furthermore, the vibration level is assessed on the basis of the ISO 10816 standard. Finally, comments are made on the coupling and stuffing boxes if our visual inspection has revealed any problems. We make suggestions concerning any servicing and/or alignment required and give a quotation, if desired by the customer. Of course, if a pump has been dismounted for service it will be realigned and vibration checks will be carried out, if possible. Staff will have to attend the checks, as the pumps must be stopped for alignment checks and run for vibration measurement.

We also offer:

Alignment checks and realignment of connected machinery, including generator sets, motor/gear boxes, etc. Vibration checks on rotating machinery.

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