Coating of pumps

Coating of pumps reduces energy consumption and extend life of pumps.

A ceramic coating of pumps is used with great success in district heating, marine, power plants, swimming pools, fish farms and oil wells, where it extend pump life in hard environments.

Optimization of operations and energy savings are obtained.

Pumps have many operating hours and often in a tough environment such as waste water or salt water, which contributes to heavy wear and makes the power consumption and maintenance of the pumps a high-cost item.

By coating the inside of the pumps with corrosion-resistant ceramics, it is possible to optimize the operation and thus save energy. Ceramic composite has a powerful attachment that strengthens the impeller and pump house and gives a smooth overlap, thereby extending the life of the pumps, reducing energy consumption and reducing the need for maintenance.

Trium has extensive experience in this field on both old worn pumps and new pumps. Coating of both new and old pumps will often result in an improvement in pump efficiency.​
Coating of pumps damaged by corrosion.

Often we recommend damage caused by corrosion repair with coating, which provides better wear resistance and longer durability.

A repair of a pump will always take place after an approved plan with the customer, which reviews the customer's expectations and needs so the best solution are always chosen.

Coating pays off

The investment will typically give economic benefits in one to two years for small pumps, where coating of large pumps that run a lot can benefits in less than one year!

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