At Trium / B. Christensen Maskinfabrik, service is a major part of our business, and it is very important to us that each service project is completed to the full satisfaction of all parties involved.

For instance, we provide service to the highly acclaimed and extremely hard-wearing TRIUM pump, and we are ready to come to your assistance if things go wrong. We always offer swift service and prompt supply of spares. If the components needed are not in stock, we manufacture special spares in no time. So, we will never let you down, and we can help you no matter how old your TRIUM pump is.

We offer laser alignment of motor/pump sets in connection with maintenance or refurbishing. Correct alignment saves you energy and minimises coupling, bearing and packing box wear, reducing operating costs.

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Take advantage of a service contract including annual or biannual checks on alignment and vibration levels on your pump sets. Click here for information about the service contract.

RefurbishingWe also offer refurbishing and realignment of worn pumps.
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We perform service on location

Pipe work

Pump renovation

Who are we?

With more than 75 years of experience in the pump industry, we are a competent and reliable partner for your pump project, whether you need new pumps or repair work/service on your current ones. We make specialty pumps and spares to match your needs and wishes.


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