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Laser alignment

TRIUM / B. Christensens Maskinfabrik Eftf. ApS has more than 20 years of experience in alignment, e.g. on propulsion systems in ships, generators and pumps.
Laser alignment is a precise adjustment and crucial to optimize efficiency and reduce operating costs.

By ensuring proper alignment and regular inspection of the machine plant, the costs of operation and maintenance can often be reduced significantly. Incorrect alignment of shafts create many problems, including; Increases load on bearings and couplings. It will often generates vibrations in other parts of the plant, and can cause problems there.

Wireless EasyLaser provides accurate measurements.

We use the latest and most advanced equipment in the industry and are capable of making laser alignment on small and large plants.
A report will be made after the laser alignment is carried out.

We offer laser alignment of virtually all connected machines, for example:

  • Propulsion plants in ships
  • Gensets
  • Pumps
  • Ventilators
  • Lathe, milling machines, CNC machines
The advantages of precision alignment:

  • Reduces wear on bearings, couplings, shafts and seals
  • Reduces vibrations in and around the plant.
  • Reduces energy consumption and reduced operating costs
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TRIUM / B. Christensen Maskinfabrik

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Linåvej 9F, Hårup

DK 8600 Silkeborg