BC Piston Pumps

Type BC-T pumps are electrically operated, double-acting piston feed pumps fitted with precise gearing. The pumps run smoothly and quietly. Areas of application are boiler feeded, pressure tanks, draining and water supply. The materials used are cast iron, stainless steel and bronze.


max. 60 m3/h


max. 140 mWc


max 100OC



Product sheet on BC Piston Pumps (printer-friendly)

Upon requestTo allow us to offer the optimum pump solution, please list the following in your request:

  1. Pump capacity
  2. Manometric head
  3. Static pressure at the pump
  4. Liquid specification, including: temperature, density, viscosity, steam pressure, corrosion properties, and solid particle content.
  5. Special materials required.
  6. Power supply voltage and frequency.
  7. Special requests in terms of drive device.

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